Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew and New Government Sworn In

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New Cabinet Commits to Building a Shared Future for All Manitobans Watch news conference TREATY 1 AND DAKOTA TERRITORY, HOMELAND OF THE RED RIVER MÉTIS, WINNIPEG—In a colourful and tradition-filled ceremony honouring the seven Indigenous nations in Manitoba, Premier Wab Kinew was sworn in today as premier of Manitoba, alongside the 14 other members of his cabinet.  “Manitobans have entrusted … Read More

5 Reasons Why the Best-Managed Companies Don’t Focus on Safety Compliance and Documentation

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Beating the drum of compliance and documentation is common amongst many safety managers however its simply not effective and here’s why: 1. Compliance management does not mean risks are controlled. The best-managed companies understand that approximately 20% of the work they do gives rise to 80% of their credible risk. They focus on the 20% until it’s well controlled. 2. Paperwork … Read More