Government of Canada launches three-digit suicide crisis helpline

Alyssa JonassonAnnouncements

ECAM is pleased to support the awareness of the 9-8-8 suicide crisis helpline. Discover more about this crucial initiative in the complete announcement linked here. To further aid this effort, MCAC is developing contractor toolkits, including posters and stickers for hardhats. ECAM will make them available to our membership as they become available. MCAC shares the following comment:

“The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada was pleased to see the Government of Canada’s announcement today on the 9-8-8 suicide crisis helpline. Health and safety remains of critical importance to our industry, and mental health is no different. An accessible phone number that provides immediate support for those in crisis is welcomed by our industry. We all have a role to play in removing the stigma around mental health, and to share the message that ‘it’s okay to not be okay.'”