Electrician and Contractor Licensing Authorities

Province of Manitoba

Electrician Licensing – Manitoba Department of Labour & Immigration

Inspection and Technical Services

Trades Exam/ Trades Licensing Clerks
Office: 204-945-3373 (Menu Option #2)
Email: ITSTrades@gov.mb.ca

City of Winnipeg

Contractor Licensing – City of Winnipeg Electrical Inspections
phone: 204-986-5189

Electrician Licensing Act

The Electricians’ Licence Act provides the legislative basis for protecting Manitobans against the potentially lethal hazards of a power source that is as close to hand as the lamp switch on the bedside table.


The following forms pertain to Electricians examination and licencing. For legibility purposes please complete forms as much as possible on your computer then print them out, sign them and submit with payment:

Please submit your signed and completed application by mail or drop it off at

Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba
Room 508,
401 York Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0P8